CFER Labs is now a certified research and development company

CFER Labs is now a certified food and drinks research and development company. The distinction, attributed by the Portuguese National Agency of Innovation (ANI), aims to recognize the top scientific institutions in Portugal, their unique R&D methodologies and breakthroughs and the social impact of their scientific work.

How clients may benefit from this certification

While the present recognition from ANI is a clear clear proof of the quality of the company’s scientific work, clients with fiscal HQ in Portugal may benefit from a tax credit that may reach 82.5% of the total sum involved in the collaboration, according to the SIFIDE programme. Also, when applying for R&D public funding together with CFER Labs, applications will be distinctively valued and majorated up to 15% of the total eligible sum.

CFER Labs collaborates with companies expert in tax credit and building of applications for SIFIDE and R&D public funding, such as Portugal 2020.


Author: CFER News

CFER is the Centre for Food Education and Research, expert in the development of new food and drink products, optimization of recipes for food businesses and companies and also a strong innovation centre in technological foods and drinks.

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