Thank you 2019, welcome 2020

The year of 2019 reinforced our desire to continue our mission to create ever better, healthier, more natural and greener foods and beverages. From multinational producers to new entrepreneurs on the international food scene, CFER has been able to meet the challenges posed by its customers by constantly meeting targets and exceeding expectations.

With over 20 new projects and 5 new products on the market developed by our team, 2019 was a year of affirmation, growth and development of business relationships that we are truly proud of; within these, we have welcomed many partnerships with new entrepreneurs, with whom we have so enthusiastically been exploring the creation of exciting new products and the stimulation of new business models in the food and drinks business.

The year ahead is full of ambitious goals. We are attentive to new markets and the possibility of starting CFER’s presence in them, especially those that focus more on innovation and food technology. We also want to strengthen our involvement in healthy lifestyle communication initiatives, based on a diverse and balanced diet, where innovation can play a central role. The year of 2020 will also mark the year in which we will launch our first ingredients and products on the market, with a clear focus on the natural and organic, clean-label, vegan / vegetarian and functional food sectors; for this, CFER counts on its strategic partners that will ensure the commercialization and distribution of the products that are being gradually crafted by our innovation team.

Many reasons make us dream with a 2020 packed with many exciting challenges, achievements and criative moments. Let us toast to a great 2019 and to an exciting 2020 designed by new horizons.

Daniel Abegão
Founder of CFER Labs


Author: CFER News

CFER is the Centre for Food Education and Research, expert in the development of new food and drink products, optimization of recipes for food businesses and companies and also a strong innovation centre in technological foods and drinks.

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