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About us

CFER - Centre for Food Education and Research

CFER, as an innovative company, offers an innovative private label service through a catalogue of in-house developed products. It is experienced in developing any type of innovative food, drink or food supplement.

CFER's approach is turnkey, which allows it to develop food products from the start, i.e. from conception in the laboratory to production in the factory. Our mission is to help create, optimize and introduce innovative products to the market.

As a specialized laboratory, CFER is able to combine technical expertise with market knowledge to develop the best solution in line with each client's individual objectives and goals, in a personalized way.

Over the last few years, CFER has launched several products on the national and international market, standing out for its know-how in innovation, development, dedication and determination. Our focus is on the values sought by today's customer, and CFER, as a competent team, will do everything in its power to design customers' products with a view to market leadership.


What we offer at first

It is clear that developing a project involves much more than just three simple steps, but the initial approach consists of:

Meeting with the client to jointly identify the problem or need for innovation.
Analysis of the problem in question and construction of a detailed work plan.
Presentation of a complete work plan to the client, free of charge.
What we do

Research & Development

CFER's specialty is the innovation and development of new products: food, beverages and food supplements. It has tools for attracting investment to support the R&D of national and international companies. This activity culminates in the supervision of R&D, in which products that have been developed in the laboratory go on to production, which is managed by our team.  

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Private Label

CFER, as an innovative company, makes it possible to subcontract cutting-edge created in-house through a private label service. This service allows you to choose one or more products from the CFER catalog and produce them on a large scale under your own brand.

If you are an investor, have an established brand or are a food enthusiast, contact us and find out about our solutions.

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CFER Ventures

CFER Ventures is the bridge to the future of business, specializing in investing in and leveraging ingenious and cutting-edge startups in the market. As investors focused on the innovation offered to the market, we can guarantee strategic support and valuable connections to boost the growth of a business. CFER's focus is on shaping tomorrow's innovation through entrepreneurial success!

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